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Buying a car from AmRare Autos can be equally exciting and overwhelming. However, picking your next pair of wheels should be a lot less stressful if you adhere to a few straightforward car-buying...

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Buying a car from AmRare Autos can be equally exciting and overwhelming. However, picking your next pair of wheels should be a lot less stressful if you adhere to a few straightforward car-buying steps. The six stages listed below should make it simpler to navigate the process regardless of whether you desire a pre-owned car from our gallery or an imported model.

“Are you ready to apply for a car loan immediately, or would you rather pay with cash?”

Compute your spending plan
Examine your finances honestly before starting the car-buying process. Purchasing a used car could result in a rise in or possibly the addition of multiple monthly expenses to your budget, such as:

– Payments on auto loans
– Car insurance costs
– Payments for property taxes (which may be annual)
– Upkeep expenses
Furthermore, there will probably be up-front expenses related to your car purchase. For instance, you might be required to pay the sales tax and other associated taxes in addition to the first month’s price for your new auto insurance up front.

In addition to the vehicle’s purchase price, dealerships frequently tack on document fees and other dealer costs. If you’re financing the car, some costs and taxes, such as sales tax, might be able to be rolled into your loan. However, depending on your lender and the maximum loan-to-value (LTV) ratio it gives, you may have to pay additional expenses out of pocket, such as property tax.

Depending on the type of vehicle you choose to purchase and many other factors, your true cost of owning a car could vary.

The moment to take control of the car of your dreams is now. Enjoy your driving.

Check your Credit
Examining your credit before beginning your car search is essential unless you plan to pay cash for your recon/ used car. When you apply for financing, banks will review one or more of your credit reports and related credit scores. So that you may apply for an auto loan with appropriate expectations, you should be informed of your credit status.

Credit scores are used by banks to estimate risk. A borrower with a higher credit score is more likely to make on-time payments on future financial obligations. Therefore, it makes logical that candidates with higher credit scores typically receive the greatest loan offers and the lowest rates from lenders.

Select the Car and Features that you Desire
You might be prepared to look into cars in your price range if you are aware of your spending limit and credit score. You can construct a list of your preferences, like the following, to help you limit down possible cars:

  • Your ideal kind of car (car, van, SUV, MPV, etc.)
  • The quantity of passengers you must carry
  • The quantity of space required for luggage
  • Whether you must have the capacity to buy
  • Your ability to use a parking lot or garage
  • Whichever two-wheel drive or four-wheel drive setup you prefer
  • The kind of fuel efficiency you desire
  • Top features (such leather seats, a backup camera, a sunroof, etc.) that you’ve wanted

It’s critical to know exactly what kind of car you desire.

Get Pre-Approved for a Loan
Comparing financing options from more banks is one of the most important steps in the car-buying process—a step you should begin long before you visit your first dealership.

Thankfully, many banks will allow you to see if you’re pre-approved for a car loan. The pre-approval process can let you check your estimated interest rate, the amount you’re approved to borrow, and your estimated monthly payment. If a bank pre-approves you for a car loan, you’re not guaranteed to be approved, but you have a good chance of qualifying for financing.

Select a  Dealership
You might be prepared to start visiting local vehicle dealerships at this stage. It’s a good idea to do some research on well-known, respected auto shops with a stellar reputation and excellent customer satisfaction ratings in order to get ready for this phase.

Watch out for warning signs, such as dealerships that tack on exorbitant extra costs to the cars they offer. Depending on where you live, a basic paperwork fee may be a fair amount. In some places, it’s also customary to pay sales tax, title and registration costs, as well as inspection and emission fees. Nevertheless, certain dealerships could tack on extra costs (such advertising charges, destination fees, tire protection, market modifications, attractiveness packages, etc.) that could drive up the price of the car you buy by hundreds of dollars.

It’s often advisable to visit a few dealerships. Before making your final choice, you should compare automobile offers in the same way that you should compare auto loan offers to ensure you are getting the greatest deal on a new (or used) car.

Examine and take a test drive of the car.
Giving the car models you’re thinking about buying a test drive is a crucial stage in the automobile-buying process. You may assess the performance and comfort of various car options by taking them for test drives. (If you’re still having trouble selecting a preferred car make and model, you might wish to make notes.)

When the time comes for you to decide which particular car to buy, the test-drive procedure can help you complete these crucial tasks:

– Verify the vehicle’s inside and exterior for damage or flaws.
– Check out the car’s handling at various speeds.
– Make sure you feel at ease operating and parking the car.

Acquiring a copy of the car’s history is crucial if you’re purchasing a used one. By doing this, you should be able to look up maintenance logs, accident reports, and information on prior owners.

Visit AmRare Autos Gallery 2 or use our website to easily complete the six easy steps at home:

Browse & Choose

Visit our website at to browse around. Choose the year and model of your choice from a list of automobiles that are in stock. 

Examine the actual car if you find the one you prefer. Our salesperson will go over every detail of the car with you. Proceed to the next step if you are satisfied.

Determine Availability

You can WhatsApp us with your choice to see whether it’s available. You may get the most recent information on the car’s availability and total pricing from our Customer Service (CS). If the item you want is not available, you can choose from the pre-order section. CS will get our suppliers in the UK and Japan to provide you specific dates and availability.

Test Drive

As for the recon car you have chosen from our ready stock, you can schedule a quick test drive of the real thing. Otherwise, you must place your order for the import unit; our CS will get in touch with you to schedule a test drive as soon as the car arrives in Malaysia.

Secure Order

Both ready-stock and  pre-orders  cars require deposits; 10% is needed for financing and 50% is needed as cash from the imported car’s body price, excluding taxes.

Inspection and Registration

As normal, the car will undergo inspection at Puspakom and later finalise the JPJ registration.

Settle Collect or Deliver

For financing, you will be notified by AmRare Autos to sign a bank loan agreement before you collect the car, or we deliver it to your doorstep. The final balance of the cash payment has to be settled for the pre-order car, and we can later arrange for delivery to your place.

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