About Us

About Amrare® Autos


AmRare® Autos removes the pain of finding and importing reconditioned luxury automobiles. We provide everything you need to begin your search for your dream drive, up till financing, and delivery.

Choose from a curated inventory of rare and special cars from renowned international auction houses and global auto digital platforms. View and compare prices and vehicle histories. Get the support you need to speed up loan approvals. Relax as we handle the processing and logistics. Engage our professional detailing services for a showroom shine. Experience smooth handling, every step of the way, in your quest for the ride of your life.


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What Drives AmRare® Autos

Our Vision

To be the most trusted marketplace for imported rare and luxury reconditioned automobiles.  


Empowering anyone to import and own a dream automobile. By providing a transparent marketplace, reliable logistics, efficient loan facilitation, and clear import documentation. 

Core Values (REV)

Making our customers' dreams happen isn’t magic. It’s a high-performance culture driven by core values that forge trust. 

RESOURCEFUL - Moving quickly to secure vast global selections and meet customer expectations.  

EMPOWERED - Helping our people, partners, and customers succeed.  

VALUE-MAKERS - Being meticulous to deliver the best value, quality and service  



Malaysia | Indonesia | Japan

AmRare® Autos is a brand by JHC Express, a logistics solutions specialist provider and the founding company behind the JHC Group.

  • JHC Express holds a motor vehicle import Approved Permit (AP) awarded by the Ministry of Trade and Industry (MITI).
  • JHC Group is Bumiputra-owned with offices in Malaysia and a presence in Japan and Indonesia.
  • The group addresses inefficiencies in logistics across entire supply chains.Companies like Perodua, Proton, Honda, Toyota, Hicom, Sime Darby, Kayaba Industry Co Ltd, and Petronas rely on us for cost-effective and value-added logistics solutions.
  • AmRare® Autos is the latest venture that leverages the group’s collective strengths in automotive logistics, international freight, customs brokerage, tracking systems, and problem-solving.

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1. Import Directly with Our Help

With our resources and personalized consultation, importing a car from abroad is as easy as buying a local car.

2. Impressive Japanese & Conti Selections

We are partners with Goonet Exchange, Japan’s largest recon database, and reputable auction houses and dealers in the UK

3. Physical Stock or Pre-Order

Check with us for selections already at AmRare® Autos gallery. Or search ready-stock and pre-orders from Japan or the UK.

4. Good as New & Low Mileage

For Japanese imports, we only bring in automobiles under 5 years that meet grades 4 and 5 of auction inspection standards. Got a Wishlist? We’ll find it for you.

5. Luxury Drives with Commercial Value

In addition to rare finds, we can help you acquire commercially competitive luxury makes and models.

6. Transparent Pricing & History

Compare prices and see vehicle histories in a few clicks. Prices are all in - OTR, all duties included, no hidden fees.

7. Deal with A Licensed Importer

AmRare® Autos is operated by a MITI-licensed AP company with decades of experience in freighting and automotive logistics.

8. Arrival In The Shortest Possible Time

Through AmRare® Autos, see your pre-orders arrive as early as 50 (Japan) to 70 days (UK).

9. Track in Real-Time

Know exactly where your precious cargo is. We can track your car from the auction house to arrival at Port Klang.

10. Money-Back Guarantee

If we can’t get you the car that you want, your deposit will be fully refunded.

11. Earn When You Recommend a Friend

Recommend a dream ride to a friend and receive a finder’s fee when the deal is sealed. Ask us about our Referral Program.

12. Pamper Your Ride

Our professional detailers work exclusively on rare and luxury cars. Keep your dream machine looking like it just rolled out of the showroom.