Why Pre-Order Car from Japan & The UK

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Import your dream car from Japan yourself. There are many choices of quality cars, and you will definitely save time and money. do it at AmRare® Autos. Trust AmRare®

Choice of Quality

Search top quality cars from top Japan and the UK auction houses.


Get your car in shortest possible time.

Transparent pricing

Certainly! AmRare Autos is a great resource to look at if you are interested in importing a car from Japan, with its openness and comprehensive cost breakdowns. This is the reason why:

Complete Transparency: AmRare Autos offers total transparency regarding the charges and expenses related to importing a vehicle. There will not be any unexpected fees, and you will know precisely what you are paying for.
Minimal Import Service Charges: AmRare Autos maintains openness and affordability by charging a modest import service cost.
Several Sourcing Channels: AmRare Autos provides a number of sourcing channels, such as:


Find rare automobiles on your wishlist with help from our customer support staff.


Exclusive consulting online or personally at our showroom 1 and 2 at AmRare® Autos at One City.


Pre-order or Self Import or  ‘Import Sendiri‘ your car precisely how you want it.

Cost saving & smart investment

Buy a direct import prices, save and invest well.

Save on storage fee

Save on extras like storage fees with fast clearance.

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